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Talent Shortlist

The perfect solution to generate candidates quickly at an affordable rate.


• A selection of 3 to 5 assessed and appropriate candidates

• Confirmed availability and interest

• Tailored CVs and completed compliance

• Salary negotiated


Approximatively 10 working days.

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Executive search

This is the ‘end to end’ recruitment solution that focuses on senior, executive and highly specialized roles.


• A minimum of 3 assessed and appropriate candidates

• Confirmed availability and interest

• Tailored CVs and completed compliance

• Performance-based interviews

• Reference checks


Approximatively 20 working days.

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Consultant Search

The tool for sourcing local or international experts for short and long-term donor funded projects.


• A selection of highly relevant profiles

• Confirmed availability and interest

• CVs tailored to donor’s requirements

• Negotiated financial expectations

• Reference and background checks (upon request)


3-5 working days.

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Recruitment Quality Assurance

The best option to ensure the quality and transparency of your recruitment process.


• A dedicated DRS recruiter to oversee your entire process

• Additional review and compliance check of the shortlisted candidates

• Participation of an impartial recruiter in the interview sessions

• Background checks for every final-stage candidate

• Final report with findings and recommendations


We work alongside your team.
The timeline is set by you.

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CV Formatting

A practical solution to save time in the preparation of staff/consultants’ CVs for project proposals.


• Polished and formatted CVs as per donor requirements

• Resized, chronological and comprehensive CVs with the most relevant experience included

• Customized and keyword-rich CVs adjusted for particular assignments or outlining certain specific experience

• High quality CVs in various formats EC, WB, ADB, AfDB or P11 form (UN)


Dependent on the number of CVs.
Minimum 2 working days.

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CV Screening

The screening process undertaken on your behalf improves and increases the efficiency of your recruitment workflow.


• Each CV is reviewed and evaluated by a professional recruiter

• Detailed evaluation grid with each CV ranked based on the relevance of the candidates’ experience

• Shortlist of top qualified candidates who meet the job requirements

• Reference and background checks for the shortlisted CVs (upon request, at an additional cost)


Approximatively 2 working days.

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About us
Over 15 years of experience successfully recruiting staff in the development and humanitarian sectors
An ever-growing database of 65,000 junior, mid-level and senior professionals
Recruitment strategies tailored to clients’ needs taking into consideration their culture, vision, mission and available budget
Quick results – we deliver a shortlist of qualified, available and interested candidates within two weeks of the initial contact
Higher value for a smaller investment – we have the most advantageous prices on the market
A wide range of tailored services that can accommodate any needs or budgets
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Frequently Asked Questions
We already have access to the DevelopmentAid database. Why should we use a service provider? What is the added value?
With DRS, you diversify your sources of candidates because we host a database of 55,000+ professionals who are not accessible through your membership. You will also benefit from the guidance and advice of our multilingual recruiters who have a deep understanding of and broad experience in the development cooperation sector. Last but not least, it is a matter of work efficiency: you either assign this tedious, lengthy and time consuming task in-house or you externalize the process to us allowing you the opportunity to focus on more important strategic issues (tender preparations, budget alignments, etc.).
What is the difference between a Talent Shortlist and an Executive Search?
The Executive Search is normally used to fill in high level, permanent positions where you, as a client, outsource the whole recruitment process to us: sourcing, screening, advertising, interviewing, negotiation, collection of references and certificates, background checks, etc. The entire recruitment cycle might last between one and two months or more depending on the complexity of the role. The Talent Shortlist is a less expensive option which takes less time to conduct and requires the client’s involvement after potential candidates have been identified. The idea behind the TL is to provide the client with profiles that can be further processed in-house and therefore the responsibility for contacting the candidates lies with the client.
Do you offer your services in other languages apart from English?
Yes. Besides English, we can handle search requests in French, Spanish and Portuguese.
I noticed that you have a rather narrow sectorial distribution of experts in your database. Our sector (energy, health, etc.) is under represented. Will this present a limitation as to what you can offer?
No. Our database is just one of the many resources we use to identify candidates. In addition we use DevelopmentAid databases, LinkedIn, advertising on social media and specialized job boards. In recruitment, emphasis should be placed not only on the quantity of the candidates but also their quality too. And the quality of the profiles we deliver is what gives us a strong competitive advantage.
If we choose a Talent Shortlist and you present us with three to five candidates but none of the experts are included in the offer or retained for the position, do you reimburse the cost?
No, we do not reimburse the fee. The idea behind a Talent Shortlist is that we present you with the most interesting, compliant and available candidates for your evaluation. We don’t guarantee their employment. You hold the proprietary rights to the shortlist we provide and can therefore consider and engage those candidates for any other proposals or positions you may have in the pipeline. Thus, you will receive a pool of candidates not simply for one proposal but for multiple positions whose profile they may fit in the future.
What happens if we select the Talent Shortlist service, pay in advance and DRS do not deliver having been unable to identify any relevant candidates?
Before accepting to work on any request, DRS will carefully analyze the specified profile and evaluate whether our resources will be sufficient to identify strong candidates. Only in the cases where we decide that we have the ability and capacity to deliver satisfactory results will we proceed with accepting the request and start to work on it.
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